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Tightening torques
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Tightening torques

LLS Titanium Srl is a “Made in Italy” manufacturer of fasteners and screws of titanium and aluminium with different diameters, available in the catalog or custom-made.

The products made by LLS Titanium Srl are characterized by high resistance, excellent quality, low weight, stainlessness and elevated capability to support high mechanical and structural performance.

The following are the values of tightening torques for metric screws made of titanium grade 5 (Tit. GR5) and Al7075 (Ergal). In the table are specified the recommended values in order to avoid undersized or too high tightening torques which could cause the loosening, the breakage or the deformation of the components.


Tit. GR5
M (N/m)

Al 7075
M (N/m)

M3 Screws    1.73    0.75
M4 Screws    3.57    1.50
M5 Screws    6.90    3.00
M6 Screws    11.10    5.20
M8 Screws    28.30    12.30
M10 Screws    57.60    25.00
M12 Screws    97.50    42.40
M14 Screws    155.20    67.50
M16 Screws    235.70    102.50