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Special machining and LLS TITANIUM excellence

LLS TITANIUM has reached excellence levels at world level thanks to its technical capacity to machine a difficult metal like titanium and its alloys. Characterised by a strong knowhow, LLS TITANIUM is equipped with leading edge technological components to perform special machining and guarantee higher quality also capable of meeting the restrictive requirements of a strategic industry like the aerospace industry regarding which the company was awarded the UNI EN 9100:2009 certification.

Special machining

Hot and Cold Forging

LLS TITANIUM is equipped with an in-house hot and cold forging system which allows performing special machining operations and guaranteeing a machining process qualitatively superior than the conventional one performed in a lathe.

Hot forging is a process which, operating by deforming the metal, does not produce cuttings and thus by-product chips, creating many advantages also in terms of:

- maximum resistance also in the traditionally most critical areas

  (e.g. the coupling between the head and the thread of the screw);

- lower consumption of raw materials;

- ensuing reduction of costs of the finished product.

Water jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is an extremely high precision machining operation which allows cutting any kind of material (with a maximum thickness of 300 mm), in any shape with the advantage of not altering the chemical-metallurgical features of the metal and without producing burrs. For this purpose, LLS TITANIUM offers, also for third party machining services, an exclusive water jet system which combines maximum flexibility with performance capable of having a positive impact on the machining times and thus on the costs of the finished product.

Measuring instruments

The UNI EN 9100:2009 certification in the aerospace industry led to LLS TITANIUM investing in a leading edge technological component.

For this purpose, LLS TITANIUM acquired measuring instruments capable of guaranteeing a measuring precision down to the micron or micrometer (1 micrometer = 0.001 mm), including (due to the high technological levels):

- an up to 50 enlargements profile projector;

-  a 120 enlargements optical microscope.

- Mitutoyo profilo-meter

- Double series of go and not go pads

- Complete series  of  outside micrometers  0-500mm  0,01

- Series outside micrometers 0,01

- Calibration blocks  grade 00

- Complete series of digital calipers 0-500mm


Aerospace quality standards

The UNI EN 9100:2009 certification stems from the need of the aerospace industry companies, in collaboration with the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) to stiffen the quality system requirements provided for by the conventional standards.

In order to meet the aerospace industry requirements, we invested in Human Resources and purchasing machinery aimed at increasing our quality level to meet the required standards.

In compliance with the UNI EN 9100:2009 standard, all internal procedures and the work process meet extremely strict requirements regarding the following among others:

- obtaining raw materials from other certified companies;

- selecting a restricted number of UNI EN 9100:2009 certified suppliers after a keen analysis of the risk factors;

- traceability of the entire chain;

- having technology including measuring instruments precise down to the micron;

- periodical calibration of the measurement instruments;

- organising work cycles

- meeting the delivery deadlines.

Traceability of the entire chain

LLS TITANIUM is capable of storing order documents up to 10 years, so as to provide the reports required for any possible subsequent verification and guarantee absolute traceability of the entire chain.

Declared objectives

LLS TITANIUM periodically outlines its company objectives declaring them to the International Aerospace Quality Group so as to be monitored for transparency reasons as well as verification of the attainment thereof.

Among the objectives declared to the IAQG, LLS TITANIUM places priority on the high quality standards and maximum delivery promptness.

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