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LLS (Lavorazione Leghe Speciali) was founded in 1990 as a “Made in Italy” manufacturer of fasteners and accessories made of titanium, high resistance aluminium alloy, special steel and carbon

Located near Brescia, in the industrial core of northern Italy, our company’s strength lies in technical know-how and its founder’s vocation to quality, with the aim of meeting market demands which, today – just like more twenty years ago – requires products capable of combining lightness, and thus consistent reduction of weight, with the non-oxidation capacity as well as greater resistance.  

Our response to the market demands, as LLS, lies in the materials and the high mechanical and structural performance thereof as well as constant technological innovation combined with prompt and high quality service that has made of our company a leader in the industry worldwide. As a matter of fact, LLS currently exports 50% of its production.  

In particular, the implementation of our Research and Development department as well as our high machining standards have been the key to our access to the aeronautical industry and its severe safety criteria. 

Already in possession of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and having been a supplier of various Italian and international university and research institutions, including the CERN of Genève in the past, LLS was also granted the UNI EN 9100:2009 certification with the aim of meeting the conventionally extremely high quality standards of the aerospace industry

The UNI EN 9100:2009 certification certifies that LLS is capable of operating at maximum levels of efficiency, quality and knowhow currently available on the market worldwide. 

In addition our expertise, at LLS, combined with the choice to operate on full cycle, allows us to operate as third parties, simultaneously guaranteeing high customized products as well as offering consultancy services as regards design and machining with respect to the customer’s requirements.ss

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